Friday, May 4, 2012

Week 5: Our journey to the fasted lifestyle, pt. 8

*First things first, I apologize.  I got my time frame all wrong.  I had posted in the first post we are two days away from week 5 and then had a post titled week 6.  Well I was originally correct, we are on the tail end of week 5.  Also I will totally admit that my husband was right.  He kept saying I don't think we are on week 6 and I kept thinking are we? are we not?, etc.  So yes, sweet husband you were right. Love you very much.  All posts have been corrected with the correct timeline.  Sorry for any confusion.

So yes, we are in the tail end of week 5.  The major thing stressed in these second 3 weeks is "use every part of the buffalo".  This applies to time too.  I had to make some harsh admissions to myself this week.  As I have stated in previous posts that I struggle with the time one the most.  Well yes, I, Alex, am lazy.  Capital L-Lazy.

My hubby and I are hard workers at our jobs or when we absolutely need to be (like at the last minute because we have procrastinated).  But if we were left to our own devices, we would either sleep or laze around.  We have a big problem trying to motivate ourselves because our excuse is "but I'm tired".  Which is absolutely true.  We are exhausted. All the time.

Why are we so exhausted?  Between being a stay at home mom, running a craft business on the side, and all the volunteering stuff I'm pretty much wiped by the end of it all.  Hubby works a lot of hours and has sleep issues on top of it so he is wiped as well.

Honestly the stuff mentioned above is literally not enough to warrant our laziness.  If we are supposed to be using every part of the buffalo of time (that sounds weirder typed out than in my head) we are letting a lot of the carcass go to waste.  Lots of time on pinterest and facebook on my part.

The past three weeks we have been poor stewards of our time.  We have not capitalized on moments to accomplish tasks laid out before us.  I could have easily done all my crafts/orders by the beginning of the week, but I decided to "chill" instead because "I'm tired."  Ugh, that just makes me ill to read.  Yeah, facing your sin is not easy.

A point of conviction that I felt yesterday was reading a relatives facebook status update.  She is in her 60's and has survived cancer.  She posted about painting the back of her house because of a hail storm that had come through and damaged the paint.  Let me make sure you get it (although I'm pretty sure you get it already):  A 60+ yr old cancer survivor is painting the back of her house, by herself, in Texas heat, AND was stopping for the day to pick up her grandchild from school to watch her until her daughter got off of work.  Talk about who am I to be whining about "I'm tired." - And Suzie if you happen to read this YOU GO GIRL!

I truly admire the Proverbs 31 woman.  Homegirl does not rest!  Which also convicts my heart because I want to use everything the Lord gives me to the fullest.  Be it time, food, money, gifts, blessings, wisdom, etc.  It's like the parable of the talents.  The one who buried his talent was called what?  Wicked and lazy.

If we don't invest our time into being about the Lord's business then we are not living rightly before Him.  In a home, the Lord's business takes many shapes.  Cleaning and caring for the material blessings the Lord has given you. Maintaining the land around the property the Lord has given you.  Purposefully parenting your children.  Ministering to and loving your spouse.  When we invest our time into these things, our return is so abundant.  I want an abundant return, but can't get one until it's properly invested into.

So my time with the Lord this week has revealed yet more pruning.  I have more to share about this week, but I will post more about that later.

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