Monday, May 21, 2012

Week 7: Our journey to the fasted lifestyle, pt. 11

Instead of Week 7, this could be called Chaos in a Bottle.  I had a very full week preparing for my cousin's bridal shower (will post separately about that) that we had a lot of quick pre-made meals.  I'm not a fan of that, but we had to do what we had to do.  =/

On Tuesday I had to run errands out of town for the shower, so I had to take my husband to work as we share a car.  Yes we have only one car.  Yes it is challenging.  So many people ask me, how does that work?  You just make it work.

Well on our way to drop him off, he realized he forgot his lunch and we are running late.  Frustration!!! I was plotting in my brain ok, I will run here, here and here, and speed back by this time and bring you something.  The thought stressed me out, but I had purposed to be able to make it back.  He called a little later while I was out and said that he still had his allowance and would have a co-worker pick him up something.  This relieved the time constraint stress.  Plus I was able to visit with some friends in their area that I hadn't been able to come out and visit for a little bit longer.  =)

The rest of the week was so busy it just flew by.  We went to our friends house for a small group gathering on Friday.  We are on month 2 of trying to meet once a month for dinner and fellowship.  It is so great!  We left late and had to drive to my parents' house so I could stay the weekend.  The shower was being held in their area and I had stuff to accomplish down there the day before the shower.

Saturday while running errands I decided to take my mom out for a belated Mother's Day lunch since we didn't get to see each other the day of.  She wouldn't let me pay and got the ticket before me which frustrates me.  Love you Mom, but let me bless you for a change! Lol.  We went to one of our all time favorite places in my hometown.

Well after over 7 weeks and 6 days of eating out only once and the previous place was not very greasy, you can imagine what I was in for.  I felt awful most of the afternoon.  You see, I have acid reflux and gastroparesis.   See a few posts that I imported from my Adventures in Eating blog for the full story.  Basically I don't digest food well.  Especially greasy food.  I was in some serious pain.  So in the future our "special occassion" days will not be the food we once loved and would crave.  We have stayed away from truly bad-for-us food for so long now that we can't go back without some major consequences.  Which is a blessing in disguise.  So thanks Lord!

The bridal shower on Sunday was great! So glad I got to see my favorite lady have so much love displayed for her.  Seeing those closest to you be happy makes you happy as well.  So I left a busy week/weekend with a big smile on my face.  There are two other posts from this past week that I will share so stay tuned.

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