Monday, January 28, 2013

Why I'm tired today

The weather here in Texas has been wacky.  It's always wacky, but this is super wacky.  It's hot, then cold, then hot, then cold.  My sinuses are on overload and are screaming.

We have the sweet, sweet relief of an essential oil diffuser.  Oh how I love essential oils! I could talk all day about it, but that's for another post.  I decided to sleep last night with the diffuser going.  Knowing my daughter had a stuffy nose as well, I decided I would let her sleep with me in the essential oil bliss.

Sleeping with a toddler in bed sounds like a great idea... for about 20 minutes.  Then you think "I immediately regret this decision".

It starts out with the "oh, I get to cuddle my baby" and "I could just cuddle like this forever" and "it will be like when she was a tiny baby".  You are WRONG!  Quit thinking it as soon as it pops in your head.

After about 20 minutes, the tossing, turning and flopping like a fish starts and doesn't stop until you both decide you can't take it anymore and get up because sleep is not happening.  I'm stubborn so we tried until 7 AM this morning.

My daughter also likes to hold your hand while she sleeps.  So cute, until your arm falls asleep in an awkward position or her talon-like finger nails jab you repeatedly.  Those fingernails are nice little reminders of what you were supposed to do that day.  "Oh snap, I forgot to cut her fingernails!"

Right after we laid down, she was awake and wanted to stay awake.  She was talking and messing with things.  She likes to "boop" my nose when I'm almost asleep.  I will be on the cusp and then all of a sudden a tiny finger comes up and "boops" the tip of my nose.  And it sounds cute while your typing it, but when you are sleep deprived and about to be asleep, it is NOT CUTE.

She also likes to slap you while your sleeping, be it face, back, arm etc.  She will raise her arm high in the air then let it fall on you.  It's not hard, but it's startling.

About 3 AM, I finally had had it.  I spoke sternly to my daughter how it was "night night" time and how she needs to sleep because mommy needs to sleep.  Then she started sniffling cause I was being harsh, then I felt bad so I went back to cuddle mode.  Which then lasted another 5 minutes then the fish flopping started again.

This time she flopped so hard and so much that she flopped off the bed.  Literally flopped over the barriers I created.  That is frightening to no end! She was totally fine.  Now we are both completely awake because of our scare.

Around 5 AM sleep or some symbalance of it comes and we are out for a total of 2 hours.  I can't sleep deeply now because of our falling off the bed scare.  So I sleep as lightly as possible.  At 7 she is awake again.  Seriously how little sleep does a kid need?

If you know me and if you ever hear me say "oh it's ok, she can just sleep with us tonight", slap me across the face and point me to this post.  It may not be worth it for all the heart stopping fear, the frustration, and the toddler kicks and slaps.

But it sure is cute when they do fall asleep in your arms.   Like when they were a little baby.  All cozy and safe in mommy's arms. The deep breathing, the peaceful look on their face... My daughter is napping, I may go cuddle with her now.

Oh, wait... I may just watch her on the video monitor instead.