Sunday, August 26, 2012

Week 21: Our journey to the fasted lifestyle, pt. 29

Not quite there, but still close.

There is so much to say, but I'm really struggling to determine what to type.  Let's just say that my heart is heavy and burdened, but I can't put it into words.  I think I will have to save it for another post or two.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Almost there, weeks 19 & 20: Our journey to the fasted lifestyle, pt. 28

We are almost back on track fully.  We ate out only once this past week and it was truly due to extenuating circumstances.  We had a gas leak in the house and we snacked, but couldn't get into the fridge or cook until after the gas guy left.  Well by that time we were on our way to church and absolutely had to eat something.  That was our one and only time to eat out this week.

It makes me so happy to even type that!  The previous week was very hard and we had to have some serious discussions about our discipline and obedience.  Our finances are extremely tight yet again due to eating our money.  It has been for the past two and a half months since falling off the wagon.

We talked about how when a demon is kicked out we have to be on guard to not let it and seven of it's friends back in.  We were discussing how this time was so much harder and it's because we let our guard down.  Are we gonna let satan get the best of us?  No!  So we have to pick ourselves back up and do it and not just talk about it.

Last week's message at church, our pastor talked about doing our part.  I can pray to be healthy and fit all day, but am I doing my part.  No, I haven't been.  I've been eating junk but expecting a miracle to change my situation.  How can He give me such a great blessing if I'm just going to throw it away?

So that's the main theme of the past two weeks, doing our part.  The Lord will do His.  Here we go!  Thanks Lord for getting us back on track!

Zoe at a park feeding the ducks.  She loved it!

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Week 17 & 18: Our journey to the fasted lifestyle, pt. 27

Not much change in our eating/spending from the previous month.  Which makes me sad.  The Lord is good because He has been so gracious to us and provided despite our disobedience.

I did have a lot of revelation the last few days specifically on the topic of obedience.  I went to Texas Homeschool Coalition Convention here in The Woodlands.  I know our girl is 19 months old, but I wanted to get a foundation for preschool.

I had grand plans, but saw that I could be easily overwhelmed when I started looking at the seminars available.  I wanted to go listen about things that are so great, but not really what I was needing at the moment.  So I asked the Lord what I should do.  He guided me to the seminars and areas that were PERFECT for me.

I sat in on seminars dealing with child training, toddlers, and discipline.  Basically, the Lord was telling me about myself.  Of course!  My heart was so convicted about how lack of discipline trickles down to our little ones.

I know that my discipline to the Lord is between Him and I, but our kids do observe and if we are disobedient, then our kids will be too.  One woman defined obedience in her home.  Basically obedience is supposed to be done 1.) cheerfully, 2.) completely, and 3.) immediately.  She explained that if your child does something immediately and completely but is complaining, then they are rebellious in their heart.

Talk about heart piercing.  When I obey the Lord, it isn't always done cheerfully.  So I'm still rebelling in my own heart.  It's so like the Lord to impart knowledge and wisdom for my situation as a parent, but also as His child.  For that I'm truly grateful.  It showed me that I want to obey the first time, to the fullness, and with a smile on my face and song in my heart.

Thank You Lord that I could go for these divine appointments.  You guided me as to what I needed to hear and what will get us back on track.