Monday, September 13, 2010

Overcoming Perfection, Day 8

My heart is broken today. My heart is broken for the broken families out there. The families torn apart by divorce.

My husband told me something a little bit ago that brought tears to my eyes. On facebook, he is a fan of a local Christian radio station and they posted on their page "Crazy Monday for you too?" One man replied that his wife divorced him today, but that God is in control.

Amen for that man's faith, but it's almost as if I can feel the hurting of the families torn apart by satan's deceptions. I feel as though I can feel the Lord's heart break for these families He knit together being ripped apart.

My husband and I both are from families of divorce. Both our mothers married again and we love our step parents, but neither of us know our biological fathers on any real basis. He has met his father face to face, but the last time he saw him, my husband was still a small child.

I have never met my father. They divorced when I was 6 months old. And for a long time I felt like a gap was missing and that meeting my father would fill that. It was only after I met Jesus that I truly understood a father's love. Now my need isn't to fill that gap, it's to help pray for and minister to families who are contemplating divorce.

I did come in contact with my biological Grandmother a few years ago and that was enough of a pursuit for me. I talked to her twice, but felt as if that's where the relationship was to end.

I have known many a family member or friend that went through a divorce and I have seen what has done to the family. How the children react, how the spouses seethe anger, bitterness, resentment, etc.

It wasn't until after I was married and came to know Christ did I have a revelation of the Father's heart about marriage. His will is for people to stay together, but our free will sometimes prevents that from happening.

I know there are tough situations such as infidelity, abuse, etc. I know that also is not God's will that those things happen in marriage. Yet again that's where our free will comes in.

Today I am praying and interceeding for the hurt and broken. The children who are questioning why? Was it my fault? The men and women lost and alone. Father God return their hearts to You. Heal them of their pain. Set the captives free, God. You and You alone can do this.

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