Friday, September 17, 2010

Overcoming Perfection, Day 12 (Baby Update)

Baby Zoe at 19 weeks

Zoe Noel is doing really well. She is active and super cute! I know even before I meet her that she is super cute.

I am so blessed to have such an amazing God who would trust us with this precious cargo. I can't wait to meet her in January. My heart is so full!!!

It has not been the most perfect pregnancy (notice how God is dealing with me on perfection even in this avenue, lol). I have had to fight fear with everything I have. I don't want satan to get a foothold into my spirit or my baby's spirit.

I had morning sickness up until about 22 weeks, that affected me a good portion of my days. I have had random bouts of it and I am now 24 weeks. I have had so many more issues but I won't share because it may be TMI.

None of it has been the beautiful easy pregnancies you see some of your friends going through, but every second is worth it! Absolutely worth it! Just to feel her little kicks or wiggles, makes my heart smile and I can't help but thank God. I thank Him every day for this miracle!

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