Friday, September 17, 2010

Overcoming Perfection, Day 11 (or should I say post 11)

I did not get around to writing my blog post yesterday because of being busy at work and then going straight to church. This is yet another example of why I can't sweat it. Yesterday was not the perfect day and I did not have the time. So it's good enough.

I have been dealing with alot of imperfect situations lately. Having disagreements with people I love the most. Friendships and relationships tested by hard times.

I would love to act like the woman who has it all together, but sadly I'm not. I think when you show your vulnerable, less shiny, somewhat crazyness to the world. It opens a door to showing others it's ok to not be perfect as well.

I would like some prayer. So if any of you are praying folks, please pray for these times of testing the Lord has me in. I'm praying for the refining fire of the Holy Spirit to come and change my heart.

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