Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Adventures in Eating: Gastroparesis and Reflux

Yesterday I had an endoscopy. I have had digestive issues my whole life. A few years ago I went to countless doctors for answers and after about a year of testing and no answers, I quit. No more doctors I said! I was tired of being a pin cushion with nothing to show for it.

Well with a recent diagnosis one of my friends received, I decided to try one more time. I talked to a new doctor and he scheduled me for an endoscopy.

After all was said and done, I have an answer! I have gastroparesis and reflux. Gastroparesis is when the smooth muscle of the stomach does not move your food through to your intestines the way it should. Basically what I ate yesterday could still be in my stomach today. GROSS!!!! and most of the time painful. Coupled with that is severe chronic reflux. Basically heartburn 80-90% of the time. Hooray!!! (Hooray for diagnosis, not actually having it.)

So now I have put myself on a liquid diet for two weeks to see if I can get those muscles moving more efficiently and the doctor prescribed a high dose Zantac twice a day. And there is a LOOOONNNNG list of foods I have to avoid from now on. BUMMER! I love food =(

A sweet friend of ours loaned us their juicer while I'm doing this. So that means I will post some pics and recipes of different juices I'm trying.

Here's hoping this works.

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