Sunday, May 22, 2011

Adventures in Eating: Avocado Yumminess

So we started avocado yesterday. We were too busy to take pics, but we got some today. Zoe is ready!
Ummmm, what's this? She made a sour face at first that I didn't get to get a photo of =(
Avocado dribble on the face. Hey give that back! It's mine! She was a fan of the avocado. We decided to just be in the diaper so that it would make it easier to clean up afterwards. She gets super messy. It's adorable, but lots of laundry after. She has her rice cereal feeding at night now that we know she isn't allergic. It fills her up for the night and she sleeps beautifully! It's pretty wonderful.

Have a great week!

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