Saturday, July 7, 2012

Week 14: Our journey to the fasted lifestyle, pt. 24

This week was somewhat better, but we are still off track.  All three of us came down with a bug.  Daughter-Ear infection, Husband-Strep Throat, Me-Pink eye that turned into bronchitis (huh?).  So this week was more about convenience than anything.

However, I did conquer the storage room purge so YAY!  Got alot done around the house too.  In between coughing fits I would clean until I got too tired.  Then sit for a little bit.  So our house is looking pretty good at the moment.  Which makes me feel pretty good mentally.  Clutter everywhere makes me insane.

Also, yesterday we visited the lovely new Trader Joe's in our area for the first time.  LOVE IT!  I think this will be instrumental in getting us back on track.  We have been spending lots of money on fresh organic food at the store and here comes Trader Joe's with fresh organic food at a much lower price.  Hooray!

Onward we march!  Have a great Sunday tomorrow everyone!

Zoe touching the cheetah statue at the Zoo.  That's one big kitty cat!

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