Sunday, June 3, 2012

Submission: Our journey to the fasted lifestyle pt.15

I have been struggling with this for a long time.  Not only is food a problem, I have a more specific problem the Lord is addressing.  Sugar.  I LOVE SUGAR!

The Lord has been trying to get me to stop slowly killing myself for a long time, but I have had the hardest time saying no to myself.  Thus far on the journey, I have been able to confidently say "Jesus, I love You more!" when it comes to eating fast food or at a restaurant, not spending a crazy amount of money for stuff we don't need, and various things.  Sweets is my Achilles Heel.  I still use my allowance money to get junk.  So basically I'm saying "cake, I love you more", "candy bars, I love you more", "Dr. Pepper, I love you more", etc...

My heart wants to submit everything to Him.  And it seems so odd that a sweet snack would be my stumbling block.  It seems so small when I look at it with logical eyes, but when I'm upset or stressed, sugar is my comfort.  How silly does that seem?  The Lord should be my comfort.  Why can't I get this one right?

I need a lot of time with the Lord for this one.  Being obedient in the food arena has been a huge deal to my husband and me.  We have had such grace and favor.  I'm asking the Lord to pour it out more as we go further.  I won't make it without it.

My husband and I have been discussing these past few months and how we would not be this far without the Lord's guidance and grace.  We talk about how we would have failed under our own strength.  So as I move into this new arena, I'm gonna need some serious support.

I will be totally honest, I'm having a problem publishing this post as I'm highly embarrassed by this subject matter and feel absolutely ridiculous for struggling with this.  But to that I say "get thee behind me satan!"

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