Sunday, June 10, 2012

Week 10: Our journey to the fasted lifestyle, pt. 19

Has it been ten weeks?  Hmmmm...

I wanted to talk first about one draw back to eating at home, every meal, every day.  Dishes.  Lots of dishes.  And a messy kitchen.  All the time.  If we don't stay right on top of it, it gets insane.  We have a very small kitchen so it's easy for it to get out of hand.  A messy or cramped kitchen can be a big deterrent when you are trying to cook or prepare every meal at home.  Any suggestions on time saving methods to keep a constantly used small kitchen clean?

All in all every dirty dish is worth it! Abundantly worth it.

By not eating out unless on a special occasion we have been able to pay off around $2,000 worth of debt in two and a half months!  What a huge blessing!  It feels great to have that weight off our shoulders for sure.  All it took was a little obedience.  And lots of grace and favor!  Our part in all this is very minuscule when compared to the Lord's great works.

Funny little story about a debt that we paid on Friday.  So we were praying as to which bill to pay off.  We have two medical bills from the last year and a half that are not a negative mark on our credit score, three that are already on my credit score from years ago, and two credit cards (one small and one large).  So we both felt we should pay off the higher medical debt.  I start looking for the number and lo and behold the creditor called me in the middle of my search. Hahahahaha.  Funny when that happens.

On the flip side of that coin, we were kicking ourselves Friday night.  We went to celebrate my mom's birthday with her, which meant a meal out.  Well we failed to plan properly and had to get something for lunch as well.  Two meals out in one day.  Ugh!!!  Goodbye money, hello heartburn.  That was a big kick in the pants to make sure we are always prepared.  My grandmother used to say "failing to plan is planning to fail."  So true!

It was a great testament to how our paradigm has shifted over the last ten weeks though.  We would not have thought twice about eating out twice in a day 3 months ago.  We now felt awful.  Definitely don't want to do that again!

After the pool at Nene's house
As we enter the 11th week, we have gone to a new depth with our food fast.  We are walking more steadily toward the Levitical diet and have made steps to eat vegan.  Yes, eat vegan.  Some of you may be having a heart attack right now.  I apologize.  ;-)

We are weaning ourselves off meat, dairy and eggs.  We will have meat at holidays and special occasions, but our diet will consist of a very small percentage of animal protein.

Pretty eventful week huh?  I would say so.  I will publish the other two portions of my purity posts soon.

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