Sunday, June 24, 2012

7 Things I Have Learned From My Daughter

Over the past year and a half, I have learned so much.

1.  Having a toddler is scary.  I feel like I may have a heart attack at any moment.  She likes to take risks like walking on the couch, climbing on things she shouldn't, sneaking up behind me and yelling, even her toys are scary.  Just the other day, I was putting away her toys and pushed down on stuff to make more room.  All of a sudden I hear a muffled "Hello, I love you".  This is in the middle of the night and it's just me at home with my daughter asleep in her room.  I almost jumped out of my skin!  It was just her Leap Frog dog toy.  Nothing sounds more evil than a little giggly toy "sweetly" saying "I love you" in the middle of the night.  That's the stuff horror movies are made of.

2.  Your child will reflect the stuff you don't like about yourself and make you deal with it.  I can be super stubborn and defiant when I want to be.  Well so can my daughter.  She wants what she wants, when she wants it.  Sadly I say about myself "I want things done yesterday".  Geeze Louise! You mean I have to deal with my own stubbornness in order to deal with my daughter's?  I know that if I want her to have righteous characteristics I must lead by example.

3.  Having a toddler can be painful.  I mean physically painful.  Stepping on sharp hard plastic toys, slaps, kicks, head butts, tripping you up because they are right under your feet.  I think I need full on hockey gear just to make it through the day sometimes.  It doesn't help that I'm super clumsy on top of it all.

4.  Having a child highlights the selfishness in your heart. If you look at your life pre-child, you will see what you spent your time and money on.  Yourself.  Doing the things you want to do, buying the things you want to buy, hanging out whenever and wherever you want.  Not so much with a kid in the mix.  Now it's thinking of others before yourself.  It's making sure a more meaningful agenda is met before your own.

5.  Dealing with your kid's gross stuff is different than dealing with someone else's kids gross stuff.  I'm talking mucous, puke, spit up, blow outs, etc.  I'm not easily squeamish.  I don't faint at the sight of blood nor do I gag if someone is having digestive distress.  Snot is my Achilles Heel.  It makes me gag. With my daughter it does not phase me a bit.  Oh here wipe your nose on my shirt honey, you have a boogie.  Another person's kid, don't touch me, your nose is runny.  I'm being overly dramatic of course, but you get my drift.  It's so funny how we can totally handle our own kid's gunk, but not someone else's.  Wonder what that is?

6.  It's cliche, but it's the most rewarding job in the world!  It's old, cheesy, and 100% true.  It's in the first time your baby says "I love you".  It's in seeing them grow and learn.  The first time I truly saw my daughter hear a new noise for the first time, I was deeply moved.  She was a few days old and nursing in the silence of her nursery.  Outside there was a bird chirping.  She stopped and turned her head to hear better.  I was in awe of this little life that is a clean slate, discovering everything for the first time.  I have a million more memories and moments that I cherish deeply and hold close to my heart.

7.  Motherhood has completely changed my world.   It is so amazing and I will take every bit of it even with the challenges that are presented everyday.  I want to raise godly children who seek Jesus and to serve others.  I want to see them grow and flourish.  I want to be the best helpmeet I can be to my husband.  4+ years ago these things were nowhere near on my list of "wants".  My wants were so ridiculous and self serving.  Now I have a new set of wants and I'm so thankful.

Zoe in the bounce house at her cousin's birthday party. 

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