Friday, April 27, 2012

Week 3: Our journey to the fasted lifestyle, pt 4

If you do something for 21 days, it makes a habit.  So we decided to pray and ask the Lord what He would have us add now that we have made it 21 days into a new habit.

My flesh is saying get rid of sodas, get rid of sodas.  Hubby says, eh, I'm not feeling that.  So i selfishly pray, Lord how about we give up sodas. Could you give hubby a nudge?  Well, the Lord says how about we do something better.

We have wasted alot of food due to not eating leftovers or produce going bad. Estimated cost of cleaning out the fridge: $50 of food in the garbage.  Ugh!  He tells us, how about not wasting what you have.

So the "theme" (if there is such a thing in fasting) is "use every part of the buffalo".  It's all about being good stewards with what He has provided.  Time, money, food, energy, you name it we need to be using it up to completion.  The time part is harder than any other.  (It's week 5 and I'm still struggling).  We get better about utilizing leftovers and produce.

I still tend to waste time here and there, but trying.  All in all, these first three weeks are going really well.  Thank You Lord for grace to follow Your commands.

I feel really good like we have turned a corner.  I don't really crave out to eat food and I feel it's conquered.  YAY! No desire for going out to eat.

Well, the last day of week 3 is a doozie and deserves it's own post.

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