Monday, July 4, 2011

Adventures in Eating: Rotovirus or something like it

Zoe's solid food feeding schedule has been pushed back again.

When I posted last about the rice cereal she had just started showing signs of diarrhea. She would have nasty bouts with it and would cry because it was causing horrible diaper rash. Poor baby! It broke our hearts to see her that way.

But it was odd. Other than the diarrhea and rash and the occasional refusal of food she was totally fine. No fever, very little spit up, happy most of the time, playful and alert. We had heard that teething can cause all her symptoms so we chalked it up to that.

Well yesterday Zoe was a little lethargic. She slept later than us which is extremely rare! In fact that never happens. So I went up to church, checked in to see about Sunday School (I teach the toddlers), saw I didn't have anyone then left and took her to urgent care.

Turns out she had a mild stomach bug (probably rotovirus, but it's hard to say) and she is now on the upswing of getting better. I maybe could have just waited it out as she was never dehydrated or anything, but for peace of mind, going to see a doctor was worth it.

That means no new solids for Zoe for a week. We will FINALLY start sweet potatoes next Monday. I'm so excited! I hate that we got so behind because of busyness. I can go on and on about the dangers of busyness, but that's for my other blog...

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