Monday, March 8, 2010

You're Beautiful

So I have some insecurities that I am battling. I'm overweight (60 pounds to be exact, yikes, I really just admitted that), never really liked my face, never really liked much about to physical appearance to be honest.

I was driving one day lamenting my physical state. "How can I be so fat?" "How can I be so unattractive?" "What does my husband see in me?" When the Lord stopped me right in my thought tracks. He said "I don't talk about you that way, so you shouldn't talk about yourself that way. You are the fairest of ten thousand." Whoa! Talk about conviction.

I have now tried to shift my thoughts. I am beautiful because the Lord loves me. That is the only opinion that matters. Granted I am trying to lose the weight because it is not healthy and the Lord wants me to be healthy.

I know so many people that need the revelation of the Father's heart on this issue. So many women are beat down by society and our culture of waif thin models, thick makeup to hide "imperfections", and plastic surgery to have an "ideal" body. I'm praying for those women who find it hard to even like themselves because I have been there. It's a lonely place to be.

You are beautiful! Because God loves you. He does not make junk. He makes you in His image. Don't feel like you are hopeless or need surgery to fix your "mistakes." I say this only because I am pointing the finger right back at myself. I'm saying these things for myself more than I am for you.


  1. PS Your blog page is beautiful!

  2. I have walked the same road. Delighted to meet you today. I hope you don't mind if I splash around and get to know you a bit more.


  3. So fun to make new friends! Thanks for stopping by and splashing with me too. I guess that's why I loved your theme on your blog. The ocean, such a great place to splash around.

    Thanks for the great book ideas. I'm going to snuggle up and read tonight.

    Happy hugs,