Monday, March 22, 2010

The Season of Searching

Like I have posted, the Lord has me entering a new season. Part of this season has me searching. Searching for His Truth in each situation.

It is not always clear, whereas before it would be blatant. I think He is challenging me in a new way. To actively seek His face. I'm the one who has to run after Him because He is drawing me deeper. It's almost like He is saying "I'm going over here, would you like to join Me?" Sometimes there is hesitation (I hate to admit) and sometimes I'm bursting with excitement.

Now when I am having a hard time seeing God in a situation, I try to dive deeper and ask Him "where are You, what is the purpose?" It reminds me of the Shulamite woman in Song of Soloman. I want to be intimate with the Lord so I have to seek and I will find.

Lord, All I want is You. All I crave is You. I want to know who You are, what You think, what You feel, how You love, how You see, how You move. I want to be Your best friend, Your intimate confidant. I want to lay my head on Your breast and hear Your heart beat. Burden my heart for what burdens Yours. I want to Love like You do. Teach me Your ways Oh Lord. Amen.

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