Thursday, April 18, 2013

Scripture written on hearts of flesh

When my daughters was very little, I saw this on Pinterest...Scripture Scraps by Carissa Graham.

I made one for my niece and nephew after they were baptized about a year later and started one for my own daughter.

I put down the book half finished for over another year.  My plate was full and I was overwhelmed.  Well a sweet friend posted a pic of some journals her daughter and she had decorated.  This spurred me to pick it up and finish this sweet little gift for my daughter.

I sought the Lord for most of my scriptures.  Some He had already spoken over Zoe, but some He wants her to cherish.  And some totally corresponded to the page design in the book.  It was a perfect book for my daughter!  It was nice to set aside the time to press in to prayer for my daughter and her future.  More so than the daily prayers we usually pray.  

Here are some pics.  I used the Retro (light blue) Smash book for her.

Love this idea and am going to work on one for myself.  Just nice reminders of what the Lord has spoken/is speaking to you.

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