Saturday, March 23, 2013

Wild Windy West

My mother, daughter and I went back to our roots these past few days.  Back to West Texas, to a tiny town that is dying out.

Lots of happy memories have happened there.  A lot of sad ones too.  Everything about it screamed of one memory or another.

Driving through town that once had nice businesses, but are now run down.  I could almost see the original facades superimposed over the new faded and broken ones.  The statue of justice in front of the courthouse with one missing scale and cracked up her center.  The many businesses that are no longer there.  New ones that I wonder how they survive.

The Baptist church that looks exactly the same.  The red clay soil that covers your shoes anytime you step outside.  I could even see our little white tennis shoes turned an orange-red everytime we drove back to Houston.  The dry landscape that hasn't seen rain in around 3 years.  One of my favorite fragrances growing up was after it rained in West Texas.  The smell of fresh rain mixed with the red clay soil mingled with heat created the most unique and soothing smell.  You could almost sense it was the smell the ground emitted in thanksgiving for much needed rain.  It saddens me that the smell hasn't been around for that long.

My great-grandmother's house that has been modified and changed.  My great uncle's house now owned by a cousin.  His father still running his ranch on the mountain, but weary from lack of rain.

And our sweet family friend who passed away at the wonderful age of 96.  She was a second great-grandma to us.  Full of life, love, and Jesus.  She was always on the go and very determined.  Always giving out "sugars", hugs and a love of learning.  Lots of things I miss about this town, and she is definitely at the top of the list.

I wasn't particularly sad when I heard she passed.  I was at peace, because I knew she was at peace.  She lived every day to the fullest.  Smart as a whip and wise until the day she died.  I can honestly say, "I'll see you soon" instead of "goodbye" to her.  Which makes my heart so happy.

She was truly inspiring.  I hope I live my life half as well as she did.  We love you and miss you, Kewpie, but "it's just a little while longer, till I see you.  Just a little while longer till I know you.  Just a little while longer and we will be together."

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