Friday, January 1, 2010

2010... So weird!

TOTALLY weird to say Twenty Ten! Seems wrong to me. Much like it did to say 2000, after living much of my life in the Nineteen somethings.

Anyway, time for the annual resolutions. It's more like what I want to discipline myself in and what I'm asking for God to do in our lives and the lives of everyone around us.

Things of the Spirit:
1. Ask for more of God in my heart. This means more dying to my flesh. 2009 seemed like a whole long year of dying to my flesh, but I want more. I'm thirsty for the Lord and I want to go deeper.

2. Be continually growing. I think I made this resolution last year, but it still applies.

3. Love more, hate less. I will always be a work in progress.

4. Forgive more, be offended less. I need to let things go. Lord come into my heart and wipe out those things that have unforgiveness around them.

5. Rejoice in the everyday miracles. I don't need a huge sign to say "The Lord is right here". I need to open my eyes to see Him in everything everyday.

6. Walk through the refining fire of the Holy Spirit with grace. God gives us tests and I need to resolve that I will walk through the fire if He wants me to.

7. Pray more for others and not just myself. I can get wrapped up in what I want and forget to ask what someone else needs. Apart of this is to pray for those we love that are not saved. Lord bring Salvation!

8. Pray more for what is on the Lord's Heart and not just my own. I need to die to the selfish "me, me, me".

9. Speak in Boldness about the Lord! NO fear!

10. Walk in my authority and gifts. I want God to work through me so that His light will shine to everyone around me. That He will be glorious and there will be no question of Who HE is!

Things of the Natural:
1. Make a nice home for me and my husband to live in. Cook and clean more. Be a good wife both in practice and in prayer.

2. Spend more time in the Word.

3. Read more.

4. Be on a schedule! I'm so bad about just doing stuff on a whim. Or packing my schedule full.

5. Say NO more. Create healthy boundaries with people. I don't have to over commit myself to everything. I only have to do what I really want to or that I am available more. If I have to completely rearrange my schedule to accommodate something then I probably don't have to do it.

6. Stick to our budget.

7. Create more.

8. Take time to rest.

9. Declutter.

10. Be more healthy. (Typical huh?) I mean all around healthy. Diet, exercise, thought life, heart condition, toxin removal (in my body and in my environment).

Of course there are things that I would love the Lord to bless us with (a child for one). But that's for Him to decide and if it's in His will, we receive it and if it isn't for this year, we receive that too.

What are your New Year's Resolutions?

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