Friday, January 8, 2010

2010, the first 8 days.

Captains log, stardate 2010. The title sounds like I should start my blog like that. Or like I'm trapped in the wilderness somewhere with a small journal chronicling what may be the last few days of my life. Ok, I'm weird, I'll admit it.

Anyway. The first 8 days have been challenging and rewarding. Our house flooded a few days before the New Year. Our guest bathroom, the hallway, our bedroom, and the living room all had water in them to some degree. The main line that leads out to our house to the sewer system backed up. It is basically roots from our two large oak trees in the front yard.

I can usually stay pretty optimistic, but this one got me. I was down for a few days. The hubster and I were thinking of ways to pay for the plumbing (garage sales, selling stuff online, posting more things on my Etsy site, etc.). The house was a wreck (still is) and I want this fixed ASAP!

We were also praying. And as He always does, the Lord came through. I can't believe I doubted this one. I kicked myself for that. He always takes care of us because He loves us so much. If He had a fridge our picture would be on it!

He doesn't want us to stay in the funk, the worry, the doubt, or the questioning. We are such an impatient people that we want things to happen right now, but we have to wait on the Lord. The waiting is the hardest thing in the world sometimes, but we need to cultivate in our spirits the patience and peace that only He provides. Apparently I'm not done learning about patience. But I do know, He doesn't want me to be where I've been in 2010.

So I will continue learning and growing and waiting on the Lord. His way is way better than mine.

Our house is still in shambles, the back up is not fixed, we need new carpet and baseboards and I couldn't be happier. The Lord is so good and it will all get done in His time.

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