Sunday, October 7, 2012


I have been under the weather for about two weeks. Not many people know because I have not wanted to talk/complain about it.

I have had a localized abdominal pain that has been slowly getting worse over the past few weeks.  I did nothing about it because "it will go away".  Well it didn't.  I was in such pain this past Friday that I went to the doctor.

She said that I have diverticulitis (not a new diagnosis) and that I'm experiencing a flare up.  FUN!  Not so much.  I'm on two antibiotics and I LOATHE antibiotics.  I haven't had a flare up in a long time, so it caught me off guard.

If you have never heard of diverticulitis, it's a chronic condition that creates pockets on the intestines and they can occasionally become inflamed and infected.  Nothing contagious mind you, just nasty nagging pain all day and night.

How does one get this condition?  I'm so glad you asked.  It's because of eating processed food.  It is a newer condition.  It did not show up until the early 1900's because that's when processed food was introduced to our way of life.  Our processed food has no nutritional value and no fiber so our intestines become malformed and things can get ugly pretty fast.

I feel I could be the poster child for "Don't feed your kids processed food" or "Eat organic or pay the price".  I have had so many stomach/digestive issues all because of food.  Nothing hereditary.  Nothing genetic.  All food!  I didn't eat the best growing up.  Lots of sugar, canned veggies, and pre-made stuff.  Now I'm literally paying the price of poor eating habits.

The hubby and I were on a good path at the end of Spring and over the summer we got WAY off track.  We ate horribly and spent what we didn't need to spend.  The Lord told us how He wants us to live and we have been in rebellion.  I know the Lord is not punishing me, but that He can't move in power in my life if I'm not doing what He wants me to do.  He sometimes has to step out of the way and give us over to the consequence of our sin for things to change.

"The wages of sin is death".  I don't feel I will literally die.  But I'm having physical manifestations of my sin played out.  The fruit of what He has for me is dying on the vine while I take my time on my way to obedience.

So that's where I'm at.  Frustrated with myself and deeply desiring to quit this cycle of defeat.  Prayers are appreciated.

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