Saturday, February 19, 2011

7 Weeks

Ok, so it has been seven weeks since my last post. So that means we have a sweet seven week old angel in our midst. I love her more than words can express. Since life with a newborn is super busy I will just give a list of things that have been going on for the past seven weeks.

-Brought home baby (will post about Zoe's birth story soon)
-Was an emotional wreck (thank you hormones) for about 3 weeks
-Baby wasn't growing the way she should, can you say panic?
-Little bit started rolling to her side at 2 weeks which totally tripped us out!
-Praying everyday for seven weeks for our little one has opened up our prayer life to pray for other people/situations
-Breastfeeding has been super challenging: cracked and bleeding nipples are not fun in the slightest, baby having latching trouble, fussy and gassy baby due to my diet, me not eating enough to give the proper nutrition due to stress
-Found out I had plugged ducts about week 4, no wonder little bit wasn't growing, poor thing wasn't getting enough
-Started formula supplementation and now someone has super chunky thighs and I LOVE IT!
-Got mastitis in week 6, I have officially had every breastfeeding issue out there now.
-She started smiling out of emotion about week 4 and now greets me with a smile when I pick her up from her bassinet or glider. What a JOY! Totally makes my heart melt.
-Cuddling a newborn is happy/coma inducing. What is it about a baby sleeping on you that makes you want to pass out? Could be the peacefulness or it could be the sleep deprivation...
-Non baby related: Got better internet and finally broke down and got the local channels. Also got Netflix for the Wii which very well could be the greatest invention ever or the devil. Not sure which yet.
-Little bit has slept through the last two nights, praying this is a continued thing. Hallelujah!
-Hubby has been back at work since week 2. It was sad to see him go back, but now its a whole new thing when he comes home for lunch or at the end of the day. "Daddy's home!" is one of our favorite phrases
-Hubby had his 27th birthday! I love him more and more each day. Watching him with our babykins makes my heart leap with joy. He is a great dad and husband.
-We have had great friends and church family pay us visits and bring food which has been the best blessing! We appreciate all the prayers and support. Thank You Jesus for these amazing people!
-The house has been a total wreck for seven weeks straight and its driving me insane. I will get one area clean, then its crazy again in ten minutes. WHAT UP WITH THAT?
-I love seeing Zoe discover new sights and sounds. She loves the birds chirping and starring at the fan in the living room.
-She cooed and gooed herself to sleep last night in her bassinet and it made me want to cry with joy. How much she has grown and developed in just seven weeks.
-She greeted me with biggest smile today when I picked her up out of the bassinet.

So that's all that I can remember thus far. I'm sure I'm leaving out a ton of stuff. I want to thank everyone for the prayers and support again. Especially the women who have given me so much advice and wise counsel. It has really helped me through so much of the struggle with the breastfeeding/weight gaining issue. I'm learning great and wonderful things each time I speak with them. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart.

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