Thursday, October 14, 2010


So this pregnancy has not been the smoothest. It has been joyful, don't get me wrong. We have had a few ups and downs and some scares, but God is always faithful and mighty to save. The Lord gave me the verse from Zephenia that talks about how He is mighty to save, when I was interceeding for our little one in the first few weeks of her life.

The pregnancy began and we went to the doctor to confirm, they noticed that the yolk sac was abnormally shaped. We prayed into it and had others pray with us and for us. God IS mighty to save because the next time we went to the doctor everything was perfect! God is so good.

At about 21 weeks, I had some bleeding that sent me to the doctor scared and shaking. Zoe was in there just having the time of her life. Totally happy and unaware her mother was going nuts, lol. The bleeding was cervical and nothing to worry about. Yet again Praise the Lord!!! He is a mighty protector.

Now I have gone through the glucose test and my bloodwork came back high. We have another battle we are fighting. They want me to come in tomorrow to do the extended blood work glucose test. I am not afraid, I know the Lord is on my side. He is my healer, deliverer and protector. The devil is a liar. We stand on God's word alone!!!!!!!!

I know the victory has already been won and we just have to see it here in the natural. Everytime these things come up to lie to us, I ask God, "what am I supposed to learn through this?" And His reply is always, ALWAYS "Do you trust Me?" I humbly say, "Yes, Lord". He is drawing me into a closeness with Him that is so full of trust and faith. Thank You Lord for Your love and Your gentle guidance. "Faithful, You're always faithful. True, You're always true." I love You Jesus! I trust in You God! I want to be faithful to the end just as You are with me.

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