Friday, August 7, 2009

A Call to Intercession...

By now most every American has heard about the Health Care Bill that is being proposed by President Obama. Some are for and some are against.

I have heard alot about this bill and will most definitely say that I am against it! Whole heartedly against it. It feels like the liberal contingents in the nation are spitting on the foundation of our nation with this bill.

Universal health care does not work and never will work. The Former Prime Minister of Italy, Silvio Berlusconi, came to AMERICA to have his heart operation. Italy has universal health care and even the prime minister knew that he would not recieve proper care. Doctors from Canada come in droves to the U.S. because they can actually build a life here.

If you actually sit down and read some of what is proposed it will make you cringe. Mandatory counseling for the elderly on euthinasia, government interference with marriages, tax payers pay for abortions, birth limits on how many kids a family can have (Hello China!), government say on who lives and dies... The list goes on.

It is not God's will for a nation to support any of these things. He is grieved by these things and it is time for intercessory prayer to help change the hearts of lawmakers. We need to seek Him in all these things to come. We need to look at the wisdom of our founding fathers. They had wisdom that surpassed their generation. They knew what it took to make the nation great and I think it's time we refresh ourselves on our history. It is time to fall on our knees and repent.

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