Sunday, June 28, 2009

The Joy...

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Of the Lord is my strength!

The Lord showed up in a BIG way this past weekend. This past week I have felt renewed passion for Him and a renewed sense of love from Him. The Lord has opened the door to my heart and has been pouring into it.

My darling friend Kim spent Saturday with me and we had the BEST time. We had great fellowship and enjoyed each other's company. Things got intense when we returned to my house after I lost my wallet at the movies (only negative blip on the radar screen this weekend). She hung with me while I cancelled debit cards and such. Then we started talking about the Lord and all the revelations we had been having recently.

The experience following the start of the conversation was unbelievable! The Holy Spirit was so thick in our abode that we were overwhelmed with joy. We were silly, we laughed, we praised God with gladness. He revealed serious things to us that we were totally joyful for. It is so much that it's almost hard to describe.

We prayed for our lives, for our husbands, for whatever the Lord laid on our hearts. I have been craving this breakthrough for so long. We had the most enjoyable day with the Lord.

I hope that everyone can feel the Joy of Jesus! I pray for widespread revelation of His Joy to each and every heart. Pray for Him to open your eyes, hearts, and spirits to greater understanding of Him!

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