Sunday, February 15, 2009

It's been awhile...

Just thought I would update the look since it is getting towards spring.  The hubby and I have been super busy and the Lord has put so many things on my heart to type out in blog, but I have regretfully let it slip away from me.  Everytime I would put it off for a "better" time (and honestly what better time is there than the present) and would come back to put in on the blog, the inspiration had gone.  That is what happens when you do not obey His voice.  He may find someone else to do your job.  I will do my best from now on to be obedient to my calling.  Thank you Lord that I have one.

My husband and I have a house that we are looking to close on in a few weeks!  We are so excited. God has worked out everything in his timing and this is the place He is leading us.  I will post pictures periodically on improvements we are making.  We will have to do it little by little, but it will be a home before we know it.  

We both just love it despite negative backlash from people.  It is an older home so there will have to be updates and improvements and it will take close to 1.5-2 years for all of them to be complete.  But of course no one will ever be "finished" on their house.  There will always be maintenance and improvements and of course tastes change.  

I can't wait to get started and of course we will continue to pray for smooth transactions all around and for our move into a home to be seamless.  Please pray for us as well because this is our first home.  

Other than that, look for our improvements, "do it yourself" projects, and before and afters.

Thanks for reading!  

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