Monday, January 5, 2009

One and only rant of 2009 (AKA: Why I hate jeans!)

Ok, so this is more motivation rather than rant (because I want to complain less in 2009), but I feel that getting mad about this subject will help me with my goal of treating my body like a temple not a tavern.

I hate jeans! Denim is the worst fabric ever invented. Levi Strauss is on my enemy list (ok not really). The subject really hit me last night when I ran out of clean slacks to wear to church and had to dig out my old jeans. They fit alright, but I had forgotten how much I disliked jeans!

I have gained some weight in the last few years and I have grown to loathe jeans of all kinds. The ones that are straight denim are way too tight even if they are the right size and lead to the dreaded...

MUFFIN TOP! Dun, dun, duuuuuuuuun. Except I don't think that mine is so cheery. I know I'm not in love with it as the illustration suggests. But it does make me want muffins....

If you get the jeans with the spandex that will form to fit your body, by the end of the day they have stretched out TOO much and you are swimming in them. I don't think spandex and denim were ever meant to mix in my opinion.

I liked jeans well enough when I was smaller but was never truly a fan. Mostly because even at a smaller size I always had a larger hip area (mainly rear end wise) and could never find jeans to fit in both the hips and waist. So they end up looking weird anyway.

Ok so that brings me to my point of the rant. I want to take the weight off in a healthy way and be able to fit into a decent, correct fitting, pair of jeans and not be miserable. Which all goes back to treating my body with the care it deserves, nay needs desperately. I'm hoping that by the end of the year I can proudly wear jeans and like them. Denim should not be my enemy but my friend.

I will reach my goal of being able to wear jeans again! Lord, help me though cause I think the devil wants me fat, lol. It will be a lot of resisting temptation, a lot of hard work, a lot of sacrifices, but it will all be for the greater good. My job here is not done and I need to be healthy to finish the job that God has set before me. I will update you on my jean situation as the year progresses.

But until then, Jeans, consider us not speaking...

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