Thursday, August 1, 2013

Lalaloopsy Doll House Makeover

We were given this awesome huge doll house by a friends brother for Zoe.  They had painted the roof pink and the rest of the house white.  Zoe was still too little for dolls so we housed her stuffed animals until she got into a doll.  Turns out she loved the Lalaloopsy movie when we had Netflix and wouldn't ya know it, those dolls (slightly larger than the average) fit perfectly in the doll house.  She has a few already but there are a few others we want to get or are being stored for her birthday at Nene's house.

Wish I had a before pic, but don't sorry.

The house! We repainted the top to go with her "big girl" room colors (gray, yellow and purple) a pretty mellow yellow.  

Tippy Tumbelina's room, very girly and sophisticated.

Pillow and Blanket coming soon.  Their room.  Stars, clouds, rainbows and sky blue. Perfect for napping.

Spot and Scribbles room.  Looks like messy fun. 

The country gals: Sunny, Prairie and Trouble.  Pink plaid and yellow chevron pattern for wall. 

Knowledge is power.  School room/superhero room.  (Bea, Specs, Peanut,and Dot coming soon).  April and Dyna.

Bea's I Heart School rug.  If only it said I heart homeschool...

Crumbs and Sprinkles in the kitchen. 

I used scrapbook paper and some scrapbook fabric embellishments for the walls.  I did paint the chalkboard on the wall (and put a scrapbook rug on the ground to cover up a spill...ooops).  I intend to add "pictures" and other decorative accents in the future.  I will post when they are available.  

I used alot of stuff I already had, but had to get a few things here and there.  So all in all, this makeover was around $10! Cheap and pretty.  Zoe thinks so too.  I was finishing up while she was napping and she came in and said "ooooohhhhh Mommy pretty!"  

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