Monday, July 12, 2010

Bigger than me

Have you ever been sitting doing nothing or doing something and the revelation of the Lord's heart hits you like a ton of bricks? I am at work right now and I was contemplating all things baby. Names, what to register for, if its a boy or girl, etc.

I checked my blog reader and came across Joye's post over at The Joyeful Journey for today. The saying at the end of this beautiful post snagged my heart so hard. "God doesn't exist to make my dreams come true...I exist to make His come true." It nearly took my breath away.

I thought if I am here to make God's dreams come true, how much more is my little one going to make God's dreams come true here on this earth on through eternity.

Here I have been praying so hard for our baby to be safe, protected, healthy, alive, etc. Not that those aren't great prayers, but what I should be praying for more is his or her destiny in Jesus. For God's will to be done through their life.

I feel like I have been selfish, wanting this baby because I wanted to be a mom and raise godly children. It has always seemed about me, but it's not about me in the slightest. What I should be thankful for is that God will give it to us not because we deserve it, but because His dream is going to come true through them. That is the better goal hands down.

The Lord will finish the good work He started in me, but it's not just for me. It's for Him and that is all I can hope for in this world. That He will use my family for His purposes.

Thank you Joye for the prophetic word. I obviously needed the wake up call.

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